Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil


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Solution for Grave Hair Problems



Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil is the culmination of years of rigorous research combined with traditional knowledge retrieved from ancient manuscripts. This unique Ayurvedic formulation, approved by the Drug Controller, Government of India, is made from select organically grown herbs and plants. Regular application of Dhathri Hair Care Oil nourishes the hair follicles, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, fights dandruff, cools the scalp, relieves stress and adds body and bounce to your hair.Benefits of Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil: Gently massage the scalp or comb your hair before applying the oil. Apply 7 to 10 ml of Dhathri Hair Care Oil and leave it on for 30 minutes. Use Dhathri Dheedhi shampoo to wash off the extra oil if required. Each bottle of Dhathri Hair Care Oil can be used for a period of 10 to 15 days during first three months. Subsequently the quantity used can be reduced and the contents of a bottle can be stretched for a month of daily use.Ingredients of Dhathri Herbal Hair Oil: Neela Amari, Kaiyoonni, Alovera, Keram, Brahmi, Nellikka, Tannikka, Kadukka, Puranakittam, Coconut Oil base.

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