Dhathri Hair Care Capsule


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Helps the digestive process



Dhathri Hair Care Capsule Dhathri Hair Care Capsule is a unique herbal formulation that helps the digestive process, provides greater immunity to the body, promotes general health and enables the hair follicles to absorb nourishment, resulting in luxurious, glowing hair. It also helps to prevent dandruff, hair loss, premature graying and split ends. Dhathri Hair Care Capsule is an Ayurvedic metabolic corrective, manufactured in keeping with GMP standards. It is best used in conjunction with Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil. Dhathri Hair Care Capsule gives protection to the hair internally. Since it is prepared from herbs it prevents hair loss by giving protection to the inner layers of the hair. Dhathri Hair Care Capsule helps the digestive process. Enhances the immune system of the human body. Prevents splitting of the hair at its tip and gives the hair more shine and strength. Dhathri Hair Care Capsule is prepared by strictly following the G.M.P. standards and ayurvedic traditions.Directions for use of Dhathri Hair Care Capsule: Apply to wet hair, massage gently on the scalp to distribute the frothy mix evenly. Leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if required.Usage pattern of Dhathri Hair Care Capsule: Nellikka, Kayyoonni, Palmuthukku, Sudhakanmadam, Amruthu, Thannikka, Kadukka, Sathavari.Ingredients of Dhathri Hair Care Capsule: One capsule each morning and evening or as directed by physician. For best results use continuously for three months or more.

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